A clean business space is critical.

Clients expect cleanliness and employees are happier working in a clean space. Cleanliness  = profit.


Our goal is to be such a professional and reliable cleaning company for your business that you never worry about cleaning again.

Businesses we clean

Auto Dealerships






What is included

Every business is different. We create a game plan just for your business.


Typical services our business cleanings include:

Throughout business

Every clean

  • Computers, monitors and TVs wiped and cleaned

  • Couches, upholstery and other office furniture vacuumed

  • Counters, desks and tables wiped and cleaned

  • Exposed carpets vacuumed (including stairs)

  • Exposed hard floors swept and mopped (including stairs)

  • Inside window panes wiped

  • Pictures, knick-knacks and office plants dusted

  • Rugs vacuumed

  • Wastebaskets and trash bins emptied and cleaned

As needed

  • Blinds dusted

  • Ceiling fans and light fixtures dusted and wiped

  • Exposed base, shoe and other moldings dusted

  • Extra scrubbing throughout to remove built up dust, dander and other residue

  • Light switch plates wiped

  • Window sills and around inside windows dusted and wiped


Every clean

  • Coffee pot emptied and cleaned

  • Counter tops and backsplashes wiped and cleaned

  • Dishes and plates cleaned and put away

  • Fixtures wiped

  • Inside and outside of microwave wiped and cleaned

  • Sink scrubbed and cleaned

As needed

  • Cabinet fronts wiped

  • Inside drawers and cabinets wiped and cleaned

  • Inside fridge scrubbed and cleaned

  • Outside of appliances wiped

  • Refrigerator top dusted and wiped

  • Stainless steel appliances polished


Every clean

  • Counter tops and backsplashes wiped and cleaned

  • Mirrors wiped

  • Sinks scrubbed and cleaned

  • Toilets scrubbed and cleaned


Need additional services? Tell us, we pride ourselves on always going above and beyond to "say yes" and meet our clients' needs.

It's time to focus on your business