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Cleaning Tips for Your Isle of Palms Vacation Rental

In cleaning vacation rentals on Isle of Palms for years, we have learned many things along the way. Here are some things to look out for that are unique to cleaning Isle of Palms vacation rentals. 

Sand Removal

Isle of Palms’ beautiful white sandy beaches are wonderful, although they lead to lots of sand being tracked into vacation rentals. And sand is a pain: you don’t want your AirBnB or VRBO guests sitting on the sofa and feeling sand on their behinds.

It's critical that you clean your Isle of Palms vacation rental thoroughly to remove the sand from floors, furniture, and other surfaces. Doing so is a fundamental part of keeping your 5-star reviews coming.


Salt Residue

Isle of Palms' proximity to the ocean means saltwater mist can leave behind residue on windows, glass surfaces, and outdoor furniture, necessitating specialized cleaning methods.

The saltwater mist that forms on outdoor windows and patio doors can be especially difficult to wash. We use specialized squeegees and window cleaners to leave the glass spick and span.

Your million dollar view means nothing if you can’t see through the glass to see it!


Outdoor Debris

Isle of Palms is a barrier island, meaning it provides a natural buffer against the Atlantic Ocean.

This means Isle of Palms often experiences windy conditions, and this can cause outdoor debris such as leaves, branches, and sand to accumulate around vacation rentals, requiring regular outdoor cleaning.

In addition to vacation rental cleaning, Purple Dot Cleaning offers property management services like outdoor maintenance. If you need assistance, contact us, we're here for you.


Mold and Mildew

The humid climate of Isle of Palms, and the Lowcountry in general, promotes mold and mildew growth, especially in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas prone to moisture buildup.


Pink slime, which is a notoriously fast growing, yucky slime found in bathrooms throughout Isle of Palms, can be especially hard to eliminate. It’s critical your cleaners actually clean. All too often we hear of Isle of Palms cleaners just splashing water over surfaces. This may make surfaces look clean for a short while, but you need to scrub and use cleaning chemicals to actually attack the mold and mildew.

Running a vacation rental on Isle of Palms is very difficult - don't cut corners and bring on the Z-team cleaners. You need the A-team.


Insect Control

Isle of Palm’s warm climate attracts insects like ants, mosquitoes, and flies, necessitating regular pest control measures to keep vacation rentals clean and comfortable for guests.


We are very careful to clean window sills, ceiling corners and entryways, which is where you often find bugs like no-see-ums and spiders.


Pests can also be a big problem with guests, especially those coming from out-of-town who are not used to environments like Isle of Palms where you have so many bugs. You don’t want a palmetto bug being the one greeting you guests!


HVAC Maintenance

Given the high humidity levels and salty ocean air, proper maintenance of your Isle of Palms HVAC system is crucial to prevent mold growth and ensure indoor air quality remains optimal. Check out our blog post on why maintaining a clean HVAC filter in your vacation rental is very important.

It may seem trivial, but those little details matter, especially considering the high dollar that Isle of Palms vacation rentals go for.


Pool Maintenance

Many vacation rentals in Isle of Palms have pools, which require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure water quality and safety for guests. You don't want your guest showing up and finding ugly leaves floating on the surface of your pool. This is a sure way to get an angry call from a guest and a less than 5-star review.

As part of our property management services, Purple Dot Cleaning can help keep your pool in tip top shape.


Grill Maintenance

Many vacation rentals on Isle of Palms have outdoor grills. These require regular cleaning and maintenance due to exposure to salt air and grease buildup. Grills can quickly corrode if they're not cleaned, and if the grease builds up it can be a big fire hazard.

We know of a vacation rental that experienced severe fire damage because the property manager was not regularly cleaning the grill. When the guest went to use the grill the old grease caught fire and created a very serious situation.

There are good vacation rental property managers and bad ones - you need a good one.


Trash Management

Proper disposal of trash and recycling is essential to prevent attracting pests and maintain the cleanliness of your Isle of Palms vacation rental.

Plus, the City of Isle of Palms has been cracking down big time on vacation rentals with overflowing trash bins, and those that have not been bringing their trash bins in/out to the curb per the city's pickup schedule. Avoid the mess and headaches, make sure your vacation rental's trash situation is under control.

We hope these Isle of Palms vacation rental cleaning tips are helpful. We have an enormous amount of experience cleaning vacation rentals on Isle of Palms, and if we can help you in any way please don't hesitate to be in touch!

isle of palms vacation rental cleaning
Cleaning vacation rentals on Isle of Palms is tough - stay focused!


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