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How to Pick A Vacation Rental Cleaner in Charleston

Picking the right cleaner is absolutely critical to the success of your Charleston vacation rental.


It doesn’t matter how impressive your million-dollar beachfront view is or how well you decorated your vacation rental. If your guests walk into your vacation rental and there’s hair in the sheets or pee on the toilet seat, you’re toast.


Cleaning is everything when it comes to operating a successful vacation rental in Charleston. What gives us the right to say this? Well, since 2019 we’ve performed over 16,000 vacation rental cleans throughout the Charleston area. From tiny bungalows to Downtown historical buildings and the most impressive homes on the beaches, we have seen it all.


So, whether you pick Purple Dot Cleaning or go another route, here's a step-by-step guide to help you pick the best vacation rental cleaner in Charleston.


Define Your Needs

Determine the specific cleaning tasks required for your vacation rental, such as laundry, trash rollout, restocking supplies, etc. For example, are you going to wash the bed sheets yourself and just have your cleaners put them on the beds? Or do you want your cleaners to clean and also wash linens between turns?


Also, consider your vacation rental goals. If operating a vacation rental for you is a side hustle to make a little extra money, then you may not need a specialized vacation rental cleaner.  You can hire an individual cleaner like a trusted neighbor or family member to occasionally clean for you. Or, you can just clean the vacation rental yourself and save a few bucks.


On the flip side, if you’re operating a vacation rental year-round with the goal of maximizing bookings and revenue, then you need a highly professionalized cleaning company specialized in vacation rentals. You need the A team. You cannot afford to have your cleaners not show up or not do a good job because they’re not professionals.


Also, very important: consistency is key. Almost everybody can do a good job cleaning the first couple of times. But how about the twentieth clean? Or when it's a high pressure clean coming after a guest who trashed your house and the next guests arrives in four hours?


Research Cleaning Companies

Look for professional cleaning companies in the Charleston tri-county area that specialize in vacation rental cleaning. You can search online, ask for recommendations from fellow vacation rental hosts, or check local business directories.


Of particular use, there are a lot of Facebook groups for local hosts, for example hosts from Folly Beach, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, etc.  Join those groups and see who other hosts are recommending.


Check Reviews and Reputation

Read reviews and testimonials from previous clients to gauge the reputation and reliability of the cleaning company you're considering. Look for consistency in positive feedback regarding thoroughness, reliability, and professionalism.


Google reviews are probably the most important, but you can also check out Instagram and Facebook for additional reviews of Charleston cleaning companies.


Verify Credentials and Insurance

Ensure that the cleaning company you pick is licensed and insured. This is absolutely critical and is too often overlooked by vacation rental owners.


Check with your lawyer, we’re not lawyers, but the cleaning company you hire should have at least $1 million dollar of general liability protection and workers compensation insurance. This protects you from liability in case of accidents or damages during the cleaning process.


Upon request the cleaning company should provide you with a Certificate of Insurance, as well as documentation like a W9 and business license.


Interview Potential Cleaners

Schedule phone and in person interviews with potential cleaners to discuss your specific cleaning requirements, pricing, availability, and any additional services they offer. Use this opportunity to ask questions about their experience, cleaning methods, and how they handle special requests or emergencies.


Your relationship with your cleaning company is critical. When "you know what" hits the fan, you need your cleaners to be there for you. Your cleaners are your eyes and ears and most important problem solvers. Without them you can say goodbye to 5-star reviews and hello to grey hairs on your head.


Evaluate Communication and Organization Skills

Communication is key to a successful partnership with your vacation rental cleaner. Choose a cleaner who is responsive, communicates effectively, and can accommodate any scheduling changes or special requests.


Also, dig into how organized the cleaning company is. Cleaning vacation rentals in Charleston is a never-ending dance of moving schedules. Guests book then cancel. Guests forget to check-out on time. Your toilet leaks and you need to schedule a plumber around your cleaners. All these things will happen to you, and it’s critical your cleaners are organized and able to handle whatever is thrown at them.


Request References

Ask for references from previous clients or properties they currently clean. Contact these references to inquire about their experiences with the cleaning service, including reliability, quality of cleanings, and professionalism.


Discuss Pricing and Contracts

Obtain detailed pricing information for the cleaning services you require. Discuss payment terms, cancellation policies, and whether they offer any discounts for regular or long-term bookings.


Additionally, we suggest you put in place a clear and comprehensive cleaning contract that outlines all terms and responsibilities. Many Charleston cleaners don’t require cleaning contracts. We believe this is a mistake – all expectations should be laid out clearly from the beginning so there are as few surprises as possible down the road.


Monitor Performance

Once you have selected a cleaning company, regularly monitor their performance to ensure consistency and quality. Provide feedback as needed and address any issues promptly to maintain a high standard of cleanliness for your Charleston vacation rental .


By following these steps, you can effectively select a vacation rental cleaner in Charleston who meets your needs and helps ensure the success of your vacation rental.

Happy hosting!


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